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A science-based and effective system of breathing exercises for asthma in an app to improve your asthma symptoms and well-being.

How does it help?


Master optimal breathing techniques for asthmatics and pinpoint areas for improvement using Airlyn®’s breathing score.


Establish a routine in an easy way with our challenges, and practice week by week, to create the habit.


Enjoy your new power to do the activities you love. Track your progress and never give up to achieve your best health!

Does it really reduce asthma symptoms?

Asthma symptoms are caused by inflammation and incorrect breathing patterns. Airlyn’s challenges are designed to improve your breathing pattern, therefore your asthma symptoms, with clinically proven breathing exercises.

A comprehensive NHS study involving over 600 asthma patients confirmed the benefits of breathing exercises for asthma.

Does Airlyn work for me?

Asthma is a highly variable condition; what proves effective for one individual might not yield the same results for another.

The Airlyn app offers asthma breathing exercises designed to improve asthma symthoms by addressing irregular breathing patterns. Are you a candidate for its benefits?

Discover it with this 5 min breathing quiz.

What the users say about Airlyn?

I can go back to
doing what I love

Since discovering my asthma, I gave up many activities. However, after 2 months of Airlyn, I now have the strength to do so much more. I never realized how beneficial breathing exercises could be for my asthma until I found this simple app. It has completely transformed my life. Highly recommended!

— Rebecca

Good for asthma
and anxiety

Airlyn app is a game-changer for asthma and anxiety. The breathing exercises provide significant relief, improving asthma control and reducing anxiety. User-friendly interface and educational resources make it a top recommendation for anyone seeking relief. Airlyn is transformative!

— Liz

Really helpful
with sports

Thanks to the Airlyn app, I have experienced a remarkable improvement in both my athletic performance and asthma management. The app’s breathing challenges have significantly enhanced my lung capacity, allowing me to excel in sports while effectively controlling my asthma. Airlyn is a valuable tool for all athletes with asthma!

— Bell

Why Airlyn®?

by science


with you

Few minutes
a day

Why clinically-proven breathing challenges?

There are many breathing exercises that you can find online that are not backed by science. Some of them could even cause your asthma to get worse!

That is why we rely on clinically-proven results, to give the best-in-class breathing challenges to you.

Asthma CLIMB

Trust and secure

Airlyn welcomes you to a safe place. She is a trusted pal that guides you to a brighter and more hopeful future. All possible risks have been mitigated following medical device regulations and the best health standards. The Airlyn team works to ensure best-in-class security to protect your data.

Are you at risk of having an asthma attack?

Asthma symptoms require careful management. When symptoms worsen over the course of weeks, the risk of an asthma attack rises. But could you be in danger of experiencing an asthma attack right now?

Find out through our brief asthma test – just a matter of seconds.

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